Only $49 Water Heater Tune-Up Coupon

Water Heater Tune-Up Special

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Details About Our Water Heater Tune-Up Special

This $49 Water Heater Tune-up Special is for a residential tank water heater only, and it includes the following safety inspections and important customer education:

  • Age / Manufacturer Warranty (assess)
  • Flush Tank (flush sediment from bottom of tank)
  • Emergency Water Shut-off (show valve location and how to shut off)
  • Drain Valve (ensure proper operation)
  • Safety Relief Valve (ensure proper operation)
  • Proper Water Temperature (explain temperature range and show how to adjust)
  • Burner Assembly Cleaning (clean and inspect for safety)
  • Gas / Electric Supply (perform safety check)
  • Emergency Gas Shut-off (show valve location and how to shut off)
  • Draft / Ventilation (perform safety check)
  • Flue Piping (perform safety check)
  • CO Detection (perform safety check)
  • Anode Rod (assess and explain)
  • Water Heater Sticker (apply and explain)
  • Chlorine & PH Water Test (test and explain)

We reserve the right to deny servicing a tank water heater with recurring or safety issues.

Because water heater failure is unpredictable, especially for older models, we are not responsible if your water heater or water heater parts stop functioning during or after the tune-up. Estimates will be provided for all recommended updates and repairs required to make your water heater work efficiently and safely.

Offer is only valid for residential customers, single-family residence. Offer is not valid for rental/landlord tenant properties or commercial properties.

Offer not valid for tankless water heaters.

Offer cannot be combined with other coupons, discounts or offers.

Offer is only valid during normal business hours.

Additional restrictions may apply.

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