Skilled Columbus Re-Piping Plumbers

Working On Water Lines & Drain Lines

If your home's plumbing system needs to be re-piped, we at The Eco Plumbers can assist you. This extensive plumbing service calls for the help of expert plumbers. Our licensed Columbus plumbers are highly trained and professional. We will provide you with reliable re-piping services that you can trust. We will carefully inspect the state of your home's piping system in order to determine of re-piping is necessary.

Re-piping is needed when:

  • The plumbing system is old
  • Mineral deposits build up
  • Excessive leaking is a problem
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We Also Re-Pipe Toilets & Water Heaters

If the toilets or water heater in your home need to be re-piped, our Columbus plumbers can also help you. Having properly functioning toilet and water heater pipes can help reduce water usage. As green plumbers and participants of a Billion Gallon Challenge, we may recommend installing tankless water heaters or water-saving toilets to help you reduce your water consumption and save money.

We would be happy to explain the various ways you can maximize the efficiency of toilets and water heaters while also doing your part to care for the environment. We recycle all the materials we use, including scraps and waste.

The Eco Plumbers: Offering Financing Options to Customers

We are proud to offer financing options to our customers. We understand that paying for plumbing repairs or service can be an unexpected expense for many individuals. Under our upfront pricing policy, you can rest at ease in knowing there won't be any surprises later. Offering 24/7 availability for emergency plumbing issues, we will save the day when an urgent plumbing issue arises in your home or place of business.

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Saving the Day, Protecting the Future.