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Excess groundwater around your property during the rainy season of Columbus can become disastrous for your home if nothing is done to clear it. Puddles of water on your yard, or actually collecting under your home, can be a haven for insect pests, promote the growth of mold and mildew throughout your home, rust pipes and rotting wooden supports, and otherwise cause significant damage. If you want to protect your property from all of these problems, you will need to select a groundwater removal option.

The Eco Plumbers can make this choice easy on you. Our expert plumbers in Columbus have worked on countless jobs throughout the years and offer solutions that are wallet- and eco-friendly. Whether you need a sump pump installed or a yard drainage system set up to remove excess groundwater, we are the team for you.

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Sump Pumps to Remove Water from Your Property

When groundwater collects on a yard, it will eventually start to seep and drain into the foundation of a home. If there is a basement under the property, it is even more likely that water will pool there. Sump pumps are effective pieces of equipment to get rid of excess water by pumping it through a hose from the pooling point and draining it elsewhere, usually the curb’s gutter.

A sump pump will need to be installed at the lowest point in a yard to maximize its efficiency. In some situations, it may be necessary to dig a new low point in a yard and create an aqueduct system to direct water there, where the sump pump will be installed.

Important considerations regarding sump pump installations are:

  • Side tiling: A series of tiles can be installed along the side of your home to allow water to drain underneath, right into the sump pump’s location.
  • Battery backups: Sump pumps are crucial to protect your home from flooding during severe weather. If a harsh storm knocks out the power, though, your sump pump will be shut down. Installing a battery backup that is protected from the elements is a good idea to ensure your sump pump can run no matter how bad things get out there.
  • Dual pumps: Larger properties and areas prone to flooding may want to consider a dual sump pump system. This doubles the effectiveness of the drainage while halving the chance of a sump pump becoming overworked. In case one sump pump becomes damaged, it is also great to have a second one at the ready.
  • Grey-cycling: We are named The Eco Plumbers for a reason. Your sump pump can be set up to push water back into your home for grey-cycling, or water recycling that uses drainage. Divert the otherwise wasted water into a garden, or have it go through a filtration system for regular use in a sink. You have several options and all of them help the environment!

Yard Drain Systems & Maintenance

In certain circumstances or property layouts, installing a sump pump is not reasonable, possible, or necessary. A yard drain system can be installed instead that creates a series of drainage pipes around the yard at key points of water collection. So long as the yard drain is clear of debris, water will flow into it, rather than puddling up, and flow out to either the curb or sometimes directly into a sewer main.

Maintaining a yard drain system is relatively easy but it is crucial. If you do not clear a yard drain cap of debris – such as leaves, branches, grass, dirt, etc. – it will be rendered ineffective and water will pool again. Do not worry if a yard drain does get clogged, though. We can use state-of-the-art drain camera systems to snake down into the pipework, find the issue, and handle it.

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Groundwater removal – like all things plumbing related – comes as second nature to our Columbus and Hilliard plumbers. If you need to get a reliable system installed on your property, or if you to maintain a preexisting sump pump or yard drain, call 614.401.4777 to connect with our team. We are renowned for offering 24/7 emergency services, eco-friendly options, and cost-effective solutions that are not after your pocketbook.

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