Green Plumbing Services in Columbus, OH

Proud Members of Green Plumbers®

At The Eco Plumbers, we are proud to offer green plumbing services, which differentiates us from other plumbing companies. Our plumbers are members of Green Plumbers®, which required a five-part accreditation and training in environmental and technical issues. We are happy to help our clients save water and educate them about water-saving devices that can be installed in their homes or places of business.

What Makes Our Plumbing "Green"?

Our green plumbing efforts include the following:

  • We install and service tankless water heaters
  • We recycle all the materials we use, including waste and scraps
  • We install solar water heating systems
  • We install grey water systems

Save the Day, Protect the Future - Call The Eco Plumbers

We are passionate about protecting the environment and saving water, our planet's most important resource. As participants in a Billion Gallon Challenge, we practice what we preach. We have made water conservation efforts in our own homes and office to reach our goal. Our licensed Columbus plumbers can help you understand how to make the switch to green plumbing and what you can expect. We will take care of everything, from installing eco-friendly plumbing devices to providing you with expert maintenance and service.

Rather than just calling any regular plumber, do your part to protect the planet and call The Eco Plumbers today at {F:P:Site:Phone}!

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If you would like to benefit from our green plumbing services, we would be happy to further discuss how we can help you save water and help the environment in the process. If you are dealing with an urgent plumbing issue, take advantage of our 24/7 emergency services. Financing options and upfront pricing are also available. Let us help you reduce water usage, help the environment, and save money on utilities. We can work around your busy schedule!

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Saving the Day, Protecting the Future.