What You Need to Know about Chemical Drain Cleaners

Posted By The Eco Plumbers

3 Sep. 2014

We understand the appeal of doing it yourself for home repair projects, especially when you stand to save yourself money or when bragging rights are involved. Unfortunately, many take this approach far too often when plumbing problems arise, and reach for chemical drain cleaners without considering the dangers of making a mistake.

Consumer Reports will not recommend the use of chemical drain cleaners at anytime, and advises calling a professional instead. Not only are chemical drain cleaners some of the most hazardous household chemicals on the market; they are largely ineffective as well. Consumer Reports agrees, “...about $150 million is spent a year on drain cleaners alone. And much of that money goes right down the drain.”

The Eco Plumbers recommend only all-natural solutions to keep your drains healthy. Unlike harsh cleaning chemicals, microbial and enzyme products do not degrade the pipes that they are used upon. Destroying grease, odor, and organic stains, the bacteria and enzymes in Eco Plumbers’ Mother Nature Septic Products eliminate a wide range of undesirable substances. On your next service call, ask The Eco Plumbers about all-natural preventative maintenance of your pipes.

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